Venturi Vent

pic of an RV venturi cap

It is rather annoying to be traveling down the road in your RV or parked at your camp site and smell the less-than-pleasant odor coming from your black tank vent on the roof of your RV.

One solution to this problem is to add a venturi top as a replacement for the normal cover on your black tank vent pipe.

There are two styles of venturi caps—a fixed (non-swiveling) vent top that only works while you are driving down the road (or the wind in the RV park just happens to be blowing from the front of your RV toward the rear). The swivel type of venturi top has a swiveling top and a small wind vane to catch the breeze and turn the top so that the wind will help carry away the offending odors.

The odiferous smells while driving are worse if your front side windows are open, and is also present sometimes even when the windows are closed. The vortex created behind your RV, as you drive down the road, acts like a vacuum to keep the smells nearby. By adding a venturi top to your black tank vent pipe, the venturi action gets the tank vapors aimed toward the rear of the RV—making a long ride on a hot day much more tolerable.

Installing a venturi top is not very difficult. The procedure, in a nut shell, involves removing the existing vent cap on your RV and replacing it with the new venturi top. Some vent caps are solvent welded onto the vent pipe and others are simply press-fit over the top.

The venturi tops come with sufficient instructions to allow just about anyone to add the new top to their black tank vent pipe.

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