Bad Water Taste

Are you experiencing a rather unpleasant taste from the filtered water spigot next to your sink? Sooner or later, we all do.

If you suddenly notice that the water from the filtered spigot (if you have one) near your sink tastes super-yukky, the culprit is the in-line water filter under the sink that filters the water going to the spigot, and to your ice maker, if you have one.

The bitter taste means that the filter is tired, has done its job, and needs to be replaced. Your favorite RV supply store usually has these filters, but be prepared for a bout of "sticker shock" when you stop at the cashier.

Some people change these filters on a regular basis, but for us pecunious types (yeah, the synonym is cheapskates), we usually try to get as much service out of these expensive filters as we can—we let them tell us when they are ready to be retired.

If you spend a lot of time in the hinterlands (away from large population centers), you are well advised to pop the extra cash and have a spare filter packed away in your RV, so that you are not caught with a bad filter and no replacement.

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