Window Sun Screens

Whenever there is a gathering of RVs, many of them are sporting window sun screens— especially for the windshield and driver/passenger windows. Occasionally, you may also see a motorhome where sun screens have been fitted to all the windows in the coach, but primarily the windows in the living area and the bedroom.

Most folks seem to prefer the sun screens that attach to the exterior of the RV, usually using snap fasteners. The major hassle of using this type of sun screen is getting them put in place. A ladder is a necessity (unless you have very tall elevator shoes).

Window sun screens are useful in two ways. First, they drastically cut down on the amount of solar heat gain coming through the windows—keeping the interior of the motorhome much cooler.

The second advantage of window sun screens is that they make an excellent privacy screen—but depending on where the major source of light is located. During the daytime hours, no one on the outside of the motorhome can see inside the coach, but someone inside can easily see outside.

But, beware the change from day to night. It is far too easy to forget that at night time, the visual rules reverse—people outside can easily see in, but those folks inside can't see beyond the sun screens.

There are many vendors for window sun screens, and many of them have pre-measured patterns for all but the newest of motorhomes. Most firms also do custom work, and they can make a window sun screen to fit just about any application.

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