Awning Deflappers

pic of awning deflapper

pic of awning deflapper

Most RVs, except the very new ones, have manual patio awnings that can be extended out over the right side of the RV. As most of these folks know, the awning top easily catches breezes and wind gusts, and, in very windy conditions, often looks like the underside of a busy trampoline as it flaps up and down.

This bad habit can be cured by buying a set of awning deflappers (by now, I'm sure you know where). These plastic devices act similarly to a set of tongs—two flat plates grip the awning material, and the other end is wrapped around the top awning support arms that extend from near the top of the RV.

The awning deflappers are placed about midway between the RV and the outer ends of the awning.

The deflappers don't totally eliminate the problem, but they limit the distance that the awning top can flap.

Most folks only use one set of awning deflappers, but occasionally you might see a rig that has two deflappers on each side.

The biggest hassle with using awning deflappers is that you need a step ladder to be able to reach high enough to install them on your awning arms. Hopefully, you realize that the awning first needs to be extended and the arms snugged up before the awning deflappers are attached.

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