Hitch Ball Cover

pic of hitch ball cover

pic of hitch ball cover, ball, and drawbar

For those folks who drag a toad behind their RV, almost all of them at one time or another have walked behind their motorhome in the RV park and accidentally brushed up against the hitch ball on the back of the motorhome.

Most folks who drag a toad are in the habit, or should be, of putting a light layer of lithium grease on the hitch ball before they connect their toad—to lessen the wear on the ball cup of their tow bar.

As these RVers know, this grease turns to a black mess while the toad is being towed down the road. Brushing up against an uncovered hitch ball leaves an unsightly black grease stain on your pants, and instantly incurs the wrath of the "missus."

An easy cure for this often recurring problem is to buy (gee, now where will I get one ...) a rubberized ball cover that fits over the hitch ball and protects innocent passers-by from getting a black stain on their clothes if they happen to venture too close to the hitch ball.

One word of caution, though. These hitch ball covers come in different sizes. If you happen to accidentally or unknowingly buy a cover for a 1 7/8" hitch ball, it will be almost impossible to stretch it over the 2" hitch ball found on most motorhomes towing a toad.

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