Spare Bulbs and Fuses

pic of an auto light bulb

pic of several blade fuses

For exerienced RVers, this section is "preaching to the choir," but for many newbies, this section might be illuminating.

When you first get an RV that is new to you (either new or used), it is a good idea to take stock of the different types and sizes of lamps/bulbs and fuses (if any) that are used—both in the living area and also the chassis. Make a list of each different bulb type and where it is used. Do the same for any fuses that you find (especially for the chassis).

Most of the newer RVs have circuit breakers instead of fuses for their 12-volt living space circuits, but most older RVs have only fuses. If you have circuit breakers, it is a simple matter to push the reset button on the circuit breaker to restore the failed circuit. However, if you have fuses, it is more difficult to fix the circuit malfunction —and most folks have not taken the time to have a supply of spare fuses for the most critical systems in their RV. And, many folks have no idea where their fuse panel is located.

Sooner or later, you are going to need a new fuses or a light bulb. Visit your local auto parts store and get replacement lamps/bulbs and fuses that are found on your RV.

Sometimes the special lamps used in the living or bathroom areas of your RV can often be difficult to find in your local auto parts store. As a last resort, you can always order them from an RV dealer (if they are not already in stock).

Taking a litte time, now, while you are not on the road, can save you hours of frustration later on—when a need truly arises.

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