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graphic of motorhome

graphic of travel trailer

Over the past several years, Linda and Mike have made some lasting acquaintances and friendships with RV folks who they have encountered in their travels. Many of these folks are also frequent visitors and contributors to the RV America web site. You will find an explanation of RV America, it's Bulletin Board System (BBS), and its Chat Rooms elsewhere on this web site.)

These pictures are from various years and are, obviously, candid—and not all those captured on digital media will be pleased with their appearance. But, the important thing is that we can all see what they look like.

One of the things that we have enjoyed most about RV America was the opportunity, in 2001, to travel to Gold Canyon, AZ, to the second Rally in the Valley, where we had the fun of gathering with other members of RV America (both the BBS and the Chat rooms) for a wonderful week of fellowship and interesting seminars. For many of us who had been "connected" via the BBS or Chat rooms for several years, it was an enlightening experience to finally be able to associate faces with the names that we had seen for so long.

For many of you folks who frequent the RV America web site, we hope that you enjoy putting some friendly faces with the names that you frequently see on the web site.

pic of Queen of the Frogs

La Reina de las Ranas
Queen of the Frogs (Linda)
Blog: Linda's Travel Blog

pic of John & Libby Veach

Libby and John Veach
[RVA BBS: John]
Web Site: The Rolling Home

pic of Dave & Pat Peters

Pat and Dave Peters

pic of Linda, Steve & Amy Turney

Linda; Steve and Amy Turney

pic of DD & Rosie Williams

DD and Rosie Williams
Dem fee-roshush eogs were a gardun da Ol' Entry Level
RIP: DD, we will miss ya

pic of Sue and John Churn

Sue and John Churn
(aka Run Around Sue and Big Bad John)
[RVA BBS: johnchurn]

pic of Gwen & Bob Kossman

Gwen and Bob Kossman
[RVA BBS: RJKossman]

pic of Virg & Sharon Hoff

Sharon and Virg Hoff
[RVA BBS: promovirg]

pic of Karl & Sandy Park

Karl and Sandy Park

pic of Richard & Patsy King

Patsy and Richard King
[RVA BBS: king]
Blog: King's Highway

pic of Lee Pascoe

Lee Pascoe
[RVA BBS: Lee]

pic of Marilyn Pascoe and dogs

Marilyn Pascoe and her dogs

pic of Bill & Sandy Spurrier

Bill and Sandy Spurrier
[RVA BBS: spurredon]

pic of Sue Tsuda

Sue Tsuda

pic of Lue & Dick Reed

Lue and Dick Reed
(Founders of RV Driving School)

pic of Frank Beights

Frank Beights
[RVA BBS: ssiron]

pic of Carole & Richard (Fuzz) Johnson

Carole and Richard (Fuzz) Johnson

pic of Linda & Bob Klyne

Bob and Linda Klyne
Web Site: Because We Can

pic of Bob and Esther Thaller

Bob and Esther Thaller

pic of Earl and Lynda Hall

Lynda and Earl Hall

pic of Mark & Sue Didelot

Sue and Mark Didelot

pic of Mike and Kathy Nicks

Kathy and Mike Nicks

pic of Manny and Connie Esparza

Connie and Manny Esparza

pic of Lorraine and Chuck North

Lorraine and Chuck North

pic of Joe and Alice Moren

Joe and Alice Moren

pic of Sharon and Randy Goetzl

Sharon and Randy Goetzl

pic of Jeanette and Bill Mercier

Jeanette and Bill Mercier
RIP: Thanks, Bill for the fun times in Puerto Penasco

pic of Tom and Connie Allison

Tom and Connie Allison

pic of Carl and Brenda Sylvia

Carl and Brenda Sylvia

pic of Dave and Linda Poston

Dave and Linda Poston

pic of Don and Betty Lunsford

Don and Betty Lunsford

pic of Jay and Patty

Jay Willingham and Pat Chappell

pic of Chet and Mavis Yamada

Chet and Mavis Yamada

pic of Gordon and Catherine Palmer

Gordon and Catherine Palmer

pic of Rob and Kim Jones

Rob and Kim Jones
RIP: Rob, the whole family misses ya

pic of John and Mary

Mary and John Lamers

pic of Dave and Caroline

Dave and Caroline Ormsby

pic of Mike and Linda

Mike Desch and Linda Oddo
[RVA BBS: MikeDesch]
Linda's Blog: Linda's Travel Blog
Web Site: Backroad Travelers (you're already there!)

pic of RVA Q 2008 gang

RV America Quartzsite 2008 Gang

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