RV Oddity Pictures

picture of RV awning arms

As we have traveled around the country, we often come across "unusual" situations involving RVers and their rigs. Sometime we laugh, sometimes we cringe, and sometimes we simply scratch our heads in wonder. One might say, "Sometimes, RVers do the strangest things."

Unfortunately, these situations often find us without our cameras at the ready to capture the "situation." On occasion, though, there have been times when we were able to "click and capture" the somewhat unusual situation.

One situation, even though not captured for sharing with you visually, was in Weiser, OR. We were just departing a campground for our next stop on the way to the Life On Wheels conference in Moscow, ID. As we were leaving the campground, we noticed an older Bounder that was grossly overloaded! The rig was sagging to the rear better than six inches or so, but what really caught my attention was the footprint of the rear duals. We are all used to seeing a heavily loaded rig with rear tires that seemed to be in contact with the pavement for about six inches or so—but never have I seen a rig where the footprint was a good 12 inches! Oh, how I wish I had been able to get a picture of that rig.

The following collection of pictures is presented here as fodder for yet another "session" around the evening camp fire.

[At the moment, this is only a "teaser" section, since we have not yet rounded up all of our RV Oddity pictures.]

Of course! There are many more pictures that will be added ... as we find the time.

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