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Both Linda and Mike enjoy traveling around our wonderful country, seeing breath-taking scenery, and meeting folks along the way. Not all of our travels are in our RV, however, and we have been to interesting places via cruising or flying and then renting a car.

Linda keeps busy writing journals of our daily activities and takes many pictures of the places that we have visited. Her writings are too lengthy and detailed for the casual reader, so she has edited them down to the pertinent parts—to at least let our family and visitors know where we have been, and the times, places, and people that we find to be most memorable.

Over time, this section of our web site will be updated to include our latest adventures, but don't expect updates on a regular basis.

map of states visited

map of visited provinces

United States


[Just a note to let you know that our travel adventures have not yet been edited properly for being added to Backroad Travelers. The following sections, at the moment, are merely place-holders for the future addition of our travel adventures. Sorry for any disappointment—but look at the bright side, it gives your tired eyes some unexpected relief.]

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