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We are both avid photography bugs—and especially so after we both retired our trusty 35mm SLR cameras for more practical digital cameras with good zoom capabilities.

Mike has an older Olympus C-700 camera (2.1 megapixel images), a 10x optical zoom lens with a 2.7x digital enhancement behind it—for a total zoom capability of 27x. Mike's camera only has a 128 Mb Smart Media memory card, but still allows him to take about 260 pictures without needing to transfer the images to our laptop computer.

Linda has a newer Canon 2Sis camera, with 3.2 megapixel images, a 12x optical zoom lens with a 4x digital enhancement behind it—for a total zoom capability of 48x. Linda's camera has a 512 Mb Secure Digital memory card, and her camera also has image stabilization for less fuzzy pictures.

Linda prefers to take pictures of scenery with people in them, whereas Mike likes to take pictures of scenery and unusual "junk" that he finds along the way. Mike also enjoys zooming in close to photograph flowers, flowing streams, and unusual patterns found in nature, as well as Victorian architecture.

As time goes on, we will be adding to Our Picture Gallery. For now, here is a group of pictures taken over the past few years, mostly by Linda.

We hope you especially enjoy the "up close and personal" pictures of the wildlife we have encountered on our journeys.

[Obviously, we have many, many more pictures to share with our visitors, but it might be some time before we have the time to format and present these pictures for your viewing pleasure. Be patient with us, and check back from time to time to see what we have added to Backroad Travelers.]

pic of Pearl Harbor Memorial

Remembering ... December 7, 1941
Pearl Harbor Memorial

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