Why RV-101?

3 question marks

3 question marks

In the past, I was always disappointed in the RV-101 type of seminars that I have attended, because I felt that the content was too basic and did not cover many subjects that should have been discussed for first-timers to the RV experience. This "seminar" is my attempt to combine, in one place, the best parts of several different information sources into an informative session that acquaints you with the wonderful world of RVing.

During this presentation, I will try (but may not succeed) in keeping my discussion to a generic level. I will try and refrain from mentioning particular brand names or company names as best I can—so that no person or company feels that I am slighting their product.

For newcomers to the RV world (sometimes affectionately called newbies), we will take a few minutes to acquaint you with the types of RVs and some terminology that you will begin to understand only after you have left this "seminar" and become more knowledgeable about this strange new world.

All of us had to start at the same place—knowing little or nothing about the RV experience, but curious enough to swallow our pride and say “I don’t know, but I am willing to learn.” Especially to those of you visiting here today that fit in that category, I extend a hearty welcome and hope that you find this "seminar" to be informative.

Today, we (you and I) are going to cover a wide range of topics as we reveal tips, tricks, and techniques for getting the most out of your RV experience and having a safe and sane trip to and from your camping spot.

The subject matter that you will learn today is not new nor material specific to me, but has been gleaned from a variety of knowledgeable sources over the past few years—such as FMCA seminars, Life on Wheels classes, the RV Safe Driving Course sponsored by RVAA, the RV Driving School, the A-Weigh We Go program, and several RV Bulletin Board Systems on the Internet.

Most of the presentation will focus on tips and tricks for making your RV journey safe, and how to avoid making mistakes that all RVers make at one time or another.

Today's Travel

Our journey today is going to cover a lot of territory in a very short period of time. For those of you who always like to know where you are going, here is a short itinerary of where we are headed.

Three other sections of the RV-101 seminar have been moved, and are shown separately on the main page, to make them more easily accessible to the casual reader.

Now that you know where we are going, sit back, relax, but please pay attention because we are going to be moving rather fast (er, well, as fast as you care to read, that is).

OK, folks, fasten your seat belts—and away we go.

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Happy travels.

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