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Being the devout wimps that we are, we shy away from the extremes of hot or cold. In the Winter time, you will find us soaking up the sun (hopefully) in the sunny climes of Arizona and vicinity. In the Summer time, you are likely to find us "chilling out" along the Pacific coast of Oregon and Washington.

Since we are only "Extended Timers"—always returning home after a few months on the road—our journeys do not always encompass new territory. Over the past few years we have become creatures of habit (not always to our liking), and tend to spend the Winter months in the same places.

We usually try to get on the road for shorter periods of time in early Summer and late Fall, but we always take several "weekly" trips to a close-by TTN park in Yuba Gap (along I-80 on the way to Reno). This park is only 42 miles from home, but gives us the feeling of being hundreds of miles away in the boonies. We have learned to take our short trips during the week (arriving on Monday and always leaving before Friday afternoon)—to avoid the hordes of week-enders that descend on the park and change the peace and tranquility into noise and bedlam.

Where are we now?

On The Road Again

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 Yuma, AZ

After a short three nights and two days in the Tucson area, we finally headed West toward Yuma, Arizona, and a long awaited two weeks of mostly R&R.

We hadn't prepared ourselvees very well for our brief stay in Tucson, although Linda had some idea of what she wante to see in the area. We managed to stumble upon one of the many venues for the popular gem and mineral show that brings folks from all over the world. We took time to find a parking spot and then meandered through some very large tents crammed with all sorts of goodies—almost all of which were far beyond our meager means.

Later, we drove through parts of Old Tucson, trying to find the interesting area where many artists chose to hang out. We found a few areas, saw some wonderful murals on the sides of old buildings, but we managed to get ourselves trapped in some absolutely horendous evening commute traffic—that often seemed almost grid locked for long minutes before even one vehicle could get through an intersection.

We both were thoroughly trashed, and we proceeded back to our parking spot in the Mission View RV park.

The next day we again were rather like slugs—being more than a little tardy in urging our tired old carcasses out of a nice warm bed.

The night before, it had rained quite heavily and steadily througout the night, and the morning temp was well down into the mid 30s, and a fairly strong wind was making the temp seem decidedly worse! Brr! What happened to the warm Arizona Winter temps?

Since we didn't hear back from our friends in Green Valley, we decided to stay locally, and only make a short trip to the local Home Depot for a few needed items. After grabbing a real lunch at a nearby Chipotle, we headed back to the RV park, and started packing up all our loose items in preparation for our long day of travel the next day.

We are anxious to be headed over to Yuma and much more familiar surroundings and to meet up with some of our many RV friends, most of whom we see only once a year. The weather along our travel route looks sunny, and a bit windy, but nevertheless it is a long day of travel.

We find Yuma to be the most active (for us) place on our Winter trip. There are two great swap meets, flea markets (whatever you want to call them). Linda prefers the New Arizona marketplace, a very clean location with seemy acres of vendors. This venue is on concrete pads with a fully covered overhead. Lots of goodies are available, but not too much RV stuff. Mike prefers the Old Swap Meet at the old Yuma Dog Racing Track. Mike enjoys the less fancy venue, and often finds interesting goodies from some of the local vendors. This venue is where Mike exp[ects to find supplies and tools that he needs for his wood shop.

Yuma also has both a Home Depot, a Lowes, and a Harbor Freight store (for Mike) and Linda enjoys having easy access to Joanns, Michaels, and lots of other stores that the ladies enjoy.

Years ago, we always had a list of goodies to find in Quartzsite, but now we find our lists are more oriented to Yuma—what a change 20 years has made!

We will be in Yuma for two weeks, before we raise the levelers and head over to Palm Desert to the Thousand Trails park there.

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