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Being the devout wimps that we are, we shy away from the extremes of hot or cold. In the Winter time, you will find us soaking up the sun (hopefully) in the sunny climes of Arizona and vicinity. In the Summer time, you are likely to find us "chilling out" along the Pacific coast of Oregon and Washington.

Since we are only "Extended Timers"—always returning home after a few months on the road—our journeys do not always encompass new territory. Over the past few years we have become creatures of habit (not always to our liking), and tend to spend the Winter months in the same places.

We usually try to get on the road for shorter periods of time in early Summer and late Fall, but we always take several "weekly" trips to a close-by TTN park in Yuba Gap (along I-80 on the way to Reno). This park is only 42 miles from home, but gives us the feeling of being hundreds of miles away in the boonies. We have learned to take our short trips during the week (arriving on Monday and always leaving before Friday afternoon)—to avoid the hordes of week-enders that descend on the park and change the peace and tranquility into noise and bedlam.

Where are we now?

Back at Home

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We are once again back home back after a shorter than usual Winter trip to southern California and Arizona.

As is tyical on most of our Winter trips down South, we stopped for a few days at Soledad Canyon TTN park in Acton (near Palmdale, CA) to visit three of our four kidlettes and to rest up a wee bit from our long travels from home.

After Acton, we headed down to the Palm Srings TTN park (actually in Palm Desert near Indio, CA). Linda always enjoys that area, since four of her five bridemaids are in the area, and it is always fun when they get together. We spent almost a full two weeks there, and visited our favorite shopping Place—at the College of the Desert weekend marketplace. However, we are finding that every year there seems to be less and less of interest to us, to say nothing of the ever-increasing prices. We have become spoiled by the greater selection and much lower prices that we find in both Quartzsite and Yuma.

We had a most enjoyable time in Quartzsite, since one of our old time Quartzsite Trailer Trash gang members started exclaiming the wonders of Quartzsite at two of his different RV club affiliations in Texas. This year he managed to bring a total of 17 rigs along with him and his charming wife.

Mike thoroughly enjoyed being able to visit Quartzsite again. It took him a full two days to visit all the interesting sales booths throughout the Tyson Wells acres of goodies. Linda managed to finish her shopping and perusal of the area at a much more brisk pace. Almost to his surprise, Mike managed to go through more of his cash stash than he had expected—forgetting that there were several different vendors who usually had goodies for sale that Mike found hard to resist.

While in Quartzsite with the unusually large group, there were many folks who had not experienced the uniqueness of Quartzsite or the normal friendship and bantering that normally takes place. However, we managed to get to know several of the new Texas couples, and we hope to see some of them back again next year.

Linda provided an exciting new twist to the newbies from Texas who had never been with the Trailer Trash Gang before. Linda once again found some Sky Lanterns ar one of the Tyson Wells vendors and bought several. These items are inexpensively made from paper, a few stiffeners, and a glob of wax-like goo that will stay lighted for about three or four minutes. The upside down bag (closed at the top and the wax/wick, at the open bottom. As the bag is held open, the goo is lit and a fairly helfty flame soon fills the bag with hot air. The lantern is released into the air, once the bag has enough lift to carry it uward and into the night sky, usually at least 100 feet or more. Due to the very light southerly breeze and the hundreds of acres of BLM land to the South, there was no chance of any catastrophy. Of course, the newbies were enthralled by the Sky Lanterns, but several had to be warned that there were very few places in a city setting that were safely suited for launching of the sky lanterns.

After our usual one week in Quartzsite, we ventured on down to Yuma, where we once again stayed at our usual haunt, the Yuma Lakes RV park (which is part of the Colorado River Adventures group). After being settled in and relaxing only a couple of days, we were surprised to see one of our old Trailer Trash friends pull in right next to us! We had a fun time with our old friend, who goes by several different nick names when he is around Trailer Trash Gang members—such as Virgil, Butch, Fire Meister, and CWO (pronounced See Whoa), a carry over from his military days as a Chief Warrant Officer.

Of course, while we were in Yuma, we crossed the Colorado River into California and went to Algodones, Mexico, where Mike got some badly needed new glasses; and a bunch of old time Trailer Trash Gang members got together for our almost annual luncheon and Margarita bash at our favorite Mexican Cantina. Yes, we all had a VERY good time!

While we were in Yuma, we also visited both of the popular swap meets—the New Arizona Marketplace, and the Old Yuma Swap Meet (at the old Dog Track). Mike was fascinated by one vendor at the New Arizona Marketplace who had an interesting display of drones, and he even flew one right from his booth.

Our Winter Search For the Sun trip was shortened agian this year, since Linda and a friend are taking trip to Costa Rica to see the many sights to be found down there. Of course, Mike is tasked with taking care of the dog and house sitting until Lindas return.

We are both hoping that Mike's health is better this year, so that we can take a few short trips during the Spring and Summer months, and hopefully a leisurely few weeks along the Oregon coast in the early Fall.

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