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Being the devout wimps that we are, we shy away from the extremes of hot or cold. In the Winter time, you will find us soaking up the sun (hopefully) in the sunny climes of Arizona and vicinity. In the Summer time, you are likely to find us "chilling out" along the Pacific coast of Oregon and Washington.

Since we are only "Extended Timers"—always returning home after a few months on the road—our journeys do not always encompass new territory. Over the past few years we have become creatures of habit (not always to our liking), and tend to spend the Winter months in the same places.

We usually try to get on the road for shorter periods of time in early Summer and late Fall, but we always take several "weekly" trips to a close-by TTN park in Yuba Gap (along I-80 on the way to Reno). This park is only 42 miles from home, but gives us the feeling of being hundreds of miles away in the boonies. We have learned to take our short trips during the week (arriving on Monday and always leaving before Friday afternoon)—to avoid the hordes of week-enders that descend on the park and change the peace and tranquility into noise and bedlam.

Where are we now?

Back at Home

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We are once again back home back after a shorter than usual Winter trip to southern California and Arizona.

Our usual Search for the Sun trip was almost a dud, since there were only four or five days in Arizona when it was warm enough and dry enough to sit outside our motorhome and play a few games of RummyKube or cards—or simply sit back and read our iPads for awhile.

We did feel fortunate, however, to miss most of the deluge or rain than almost continuously pounded our home turf. But we were certainly not immune from the lousy weather that was all over California. We experienced our share of very rainy, very windy, and unusually cold temperatures.

We did relax a bit while we were in Palm Desert, but many of the days were too chilly to sit outside and enjoy our leisure.

Mike thoroughly enjoyed being able to visit Quartzsite again, after missing last year for the first time in 15 years. It took him a full two days to visit all the interesting sales booths throughout the Tyson Wells acres of goodies. Linda managed to finish her shopping and perusal of the area at a much more brisk pace. Almost to his surprise, Mike managed to go through more of his cash stash than he had expected—forgetting that there were several different vendors who usually had goodies for sale that Mike found hard to resist.

Unfortunately, the weather at Quartzsite was cold, blustery, and occasionally rainy. Obviously, most of the time we spent securely inside our motorhome, where it was both warm and dry. Of course, poor Linda had to periodiclly "water the dog," which was an uncomfortable chore during the worst of the weather.

The poor weather conditions at Quartzsite severely limited the gathering of the meager Quartzsite Trailer Trash Gang, but we did manage to get a small gathering together at our motorhome on the evening before we departed for Yuma.

While we were in Yuma, we met up with several of our RV friends, and even some of those from Quartzsite. The weather was still windy and cold, and it was only the last week when we were able to sit outside and enjoy the peace and quiet.

While we were in Yuma, we visited both of the popular swap meets, but didn't find too much to drag back to our motorhome. Of course, we went South of the border to Algodones, MX, to get new eye glasses, and enjoy a Mexican outdoor meal with our friends (and with Grande margaritas, of course).

We are both anxious to depart on our next adventure which will be a 15-day cruise from Fort Lauderdale, FL, through the Panama Canal, and eventually getting to San Francisco. This trip has been on Mike's bucket list for many years.

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