What is Quartzsite?

picture of Quartzsite Town Seal

Quartzsite, AZ, is a very unique place—at least during the months of November through February. (The rest of the year, this town looks almost deserted as you drive past on I-10.)

However, during the Winter months, Quartzsite undergoes an amazing transformation, as thousands and thousands of snowbirds (RVers fleeing from the colder climates) from all over the United States and Canada descend on this little hamlet and make it their Winter headquarters.

Some folks quickly take up residence in the several small RV parks that are located in the town of Quartzsite, but many more (thousands and thousands) simply camp out in the open desert in specially designated BLM areas.

During the Winter months, the desert surrounding Quartzsite looks like it has snowed, because of all the white roofs from the thousands of RVs parked all over the place.

Vendors from all over the United States and Canada converge on Quartzsite to take advantage of all the snowbirds--willing to sell you just about anything and everything imaginable. Many of the vendors return year after year, and the Quartzsite regulars know where to find them and are familiar with some of the unusual offerings that abound.

Every RVer owes it to himself/herself to check out Quartzsite during January at least once. Then you will know whether the Quartzsite experience is something that you find interesting, or whether Quartzsite is just too much dust and too many people. There are not too many folks who are indifferent about Quartzsite—you either love it or you don't care to come back.

But Quartzsite is not something that someone else can describe to you in sufficient detail for you to really understand the uniqueness of Quartzsite—you need to experience it first hand. Come visit Quartzsite, at least once, and then make up your own mind.

Like many timid first-timers, once you visit Quartzsite, you may find yourself a regular returning Winter visitor.

picture of a Quartzsite sunset

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