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Many of the wonderful folks who we have met, either on the road or via the RV America forums, are full-timers whose homes are now on wheels. Most RV folks are very knowledgeable about computers and the Internet, and these folks also have the time to devote to setting up, maintaining, and updating a web site or a Blog.

There are thousands of web sites and Blogs on the Internet covering just about any imaginable subject--so just type in a subject of interest to you in one of the many Internet search engines, and see what wonders you can find.

Web sites and Blogs range from the simple and straight-forward to the intricate and complex--but all offer an insight into the author and his or her areas of interest.

Many of the sites offer you a picture diary of where the folks have been and what they did--often with bits of humor thrown in for added interest.

For your enjoyment, education, and vicarious travel adventures, here are some of the web sites and Blogs of our RV friends.

Web Sites

The Rolling Home

John and Libby Veach

Roaming America

Rich and Diane Emond

See Ya Down The Road

Norm and Linda Payne

Because We Can - Fulltime RV'ing

Bob and Linda Klyne


King's Highway

Richard and Patsy King

Here we are, on the road

Chuck and Lorraine North

What a Ride!

Mark and Sue Didelot

The Esparzas On The Road

Manuel and Connie Esparza

dave and sandy on the road

Dave and Sandy Hasselberg

Linda's Travel Blog

Linda Oddo

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