Different Ways to Tow a Vehicle

Earlier, I briefly touched on the three ways to tow a vehicle with your RV:


pic of Transporter trailer

With a transporter, the entire car is on the trailer. Most transporters have two tandem wheels on each side and can accommodate a car that is medium sized. However, transporters are not too light all by themselves, and are rather bulky to store. Also, you need to be sure that you have enough towing capacity with your RV before you go this route.

Tow Dolly

pic of tow dolly

A tow dolly is another means of towing a car with a motorhome. A tow dolly usually has only one wheel on each side and is a fairly small trailer—when a vehicle is not on it.

With a tow dolly, the drive wheels of the car are the ones that belong on the trailer. For older, rear-wheel drive cars, the vehicle is driven backwards onto the tow dolly so that the rear drive wheels are off the ground.

TIP: graphic of a light bulb If you tow a car backwards, borrow a trick from tow truck drivers—take a piece of rope and loop it through the steering wheel; then hold both ends of the rope out the front of the driver door and close it. The rope keeps the front wheels from turning very far —making the car track better behind your motorhome.

For most of today’s newer cars which are front-wheel drive, simply drive the car forward onto the tow dolly so that the front wheels are off the ground.

One note of caution, however. When you get to a camp site, you now have three pieces of equipment to stow in your camp site. At many of the older camp sites that I have used, getting my 32-foot motorhome and a Jeep into the site was a real squeeze. (I would never have had the room for a tow dolly.)

Towing Four-Down

For most motorhome travelers these days, it seems as though towing a vehicle four-down is the preferred, and certainly the easiest, method. However, to use this method successfully, you need to pay attention to the type of vehicle that you are going to tow and then outfit the vehicle correctly. Towing a vehicle four-down only leaves you with two pieces of equipment to worry about—your motorhome and your toad.

To successfully tow a vehicle four-down without damaging its drivetrain components, there are five different ways that you can do so:

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