Vial of Life

Miss Bea

Here is yet another way to be prepared if something should happen to you—either while you are at home or in your RV.

The Vial of Life is nothing more than a pill bottle that has a red cross on it with the words Vial of Life written through the cross (instead of the usual prescription label).

Paramedics are trained to look for this bottle inside your refrigerator. The Vial of Life comes with a second red cross sticker that you are supposed to place on the outside of your refrigerator door at the same location of the Vial of Life on the inside. (The top shelf is the preferred location fior your Vial of Life bottle.)

Inside the Vial of Life is a single sheet that lists your name and vital statistics (name, address, age, date of birth, weight, allergies, and a list of all current medications and dosages), as well as the name and telephone number of your physician, your health insurance provider and your member number. There is also a section for whom to notify in an emergency (name and telephone number).

If you have signed a Do Not Resuscitate declaration, a copy should be included in your Vial of Life. The same is true if you have an Advanced Health Care Directive. If you are an organ donor, state such on your Vial of Life form, and also include the name and telephone number of your designated agent (to authorize organ donation).

Many medical professionals and providers offer the Vial of Life containers free of charge to their patients. If you don't see the containers, ask about them, and state your interest in having at least two—one for home and one for your RV. Of course, if you are a full-timer, you only need one Vial of Life container.

However, since many of us spend a lot of time exploring the local flora and fauna of wherever we happen to be camped, it is a good idea to also put a Vial of Life in the glove compartment of your toad.

We feel somewhat comforted to know that we have both our Emergency Notification Form and a Vial of Life in our toad at all times.

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