"This 'N That" Pictures

picture of an RCMP-painted hydrant

Since we both have fun acting like photographers, snapping pictures here and there—sometimes in a frenzy—we find that we end up with some very interesting shots that don't easily categorize themselves into a definable nitch. As we travel around the country, we occasionally find (to our eyes) a fascinating or humorous shot that begs to be shared.

This group of pictures are those that seem to defy categorization into one of those areas that we have already defined.

We hope you enjoy this strange, whimsical, or just plain humorous section of "This 'N That" pictures.

picture of Sign Post Forest

picture of Mile 0 milepost

picture of fisherman with big salmon

picture of Spruce Goose

picture of smoking satellite dish

picture of mailbox built to look like a motorhome

picture of fancy birdhouse

picture of old metal crapper

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