RV Features

Today’s RVs come with a huge variety of standard and optional extras to meet the desires of just about everyone—for a price! When deciding on the features that you want in your RV, you need to balance the cost vs. the benefit—and each of us has different levels of “must have” items and “nice to have” items, just as each of us has different levels of financial solvency. With proper planning and guidance, most people can find (and afford) an RV that meets their requirements.

Let me take a few minutes and acquaint you with some of the obvious and not-so-obvious features that you may want to include with your next RV. Depending on the size, model, and price of the motorhome that you may want, many of the features that I will mention may be either an extra cost option or maybe included in the base price of the motorhome. Each manufacturer has different levels of standard equipment and optional equipment.

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