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For many years, now, we have been particpants in the RV America website and bulletin board system.

This friendly website has a host of RV-related features and links to other web sites.

The part that Mike finds most interesting is the Bulletin Board (or General RVers Forum, as it is known). Here, a person can post a question or comment related to RVing, whether it be a good or bad place to stay, how to fix a problem, or where to find a campground, etc. After you post a question, over the next several days you are apt to get one or many responses, not always agreeing with each other. The important thing to keep in mind, though, is that most of the responses will be coming from folks who have "been there, done that" sort of thing—experience is a great teacher. Some of the responders are certified RVIA technicians—trained to fix RV problems.

Before I ever bought my first motorhome, I had been an active reader of the Forum for almost a year (back in 1996). In that time, I had learned enough to know both what I wanted, and, what I didn't want—as far as manufacturuer of the motorhome and some of the internal accessories. In the eight years that I had my 1998 Itasca Suncruiser 32WQ, I was not disappointed.

If you are a "newbie" to the RV world, log-on, post your questions, and begin your search for knowledge—all of us have to start at the beginning, so why not learn from the best. Yes, we all have to learn, but by reading many of the posts on the bulletin board, you can learn (much less painfully) from reading about other people's mistakes.

The RV America home page has lots of links to other RV-related services, including buying and selling RVs.

In the past, there were several different forums, but recently RV America has changed their content to only include two of the more popular forums. (The old forums— Canada's RV Forum, Full Timer's Forum, Ham radio Forum, Towable RVs Forum, and Military RV Forum are now only a fond memory for long-time users of the RVA Forums, as is the widely enjoyed Chat feature that many users of yesteryear enjoyed so much).

In addition to the General RVers Formum (aka Bulletin Board—which is where I learned so much about RVing)—there is now only the Women's Formum:

The forums are not immediately evident when you first view the RV America home page, but if you click on the Town Talk tab, the two remaining forums jump right out at you.

If you haven't "wandered around" RV America, go take a look at the many different things that they offer.

However, RV America is not unique on the Internet. There are several other RV bulletin board systems out there for your perusal. I urge you to go investigate for yourself.

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