Readying an RV for Travel

Departing your camp site entails more than just stuffing your "stuff" in the bays, cranking up the engine, and heading out.

Just Pack Up and Go?

Nope! Most RVers realize that there are many little tasks that need to be done before they hit the road.

Letís now assume that your camping trip is coming to and end, and it is time to start heading for home. But, please, donít just jump in your RV and drive off— thinking that everything has been put away and you are ready to go.

When getting ready to pack up and leave your camp site, there are many tasks that need to be accomplished—both inside and outside your RV. After you have camped for awhile, you might find, as I have, that I usually do the outside chores, while my lady does the inside chores.

This section is divided into three areas:

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