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RV America Quartzsite 2008 Gang

Shown, below, is a copy of the RV America post that proclaimed what fun we all enjoyed.

Quartzsite 2008 -- What Fun!

The annual gathering of the RV America Quartzsite Trailer Trash Gang was again a great success, and lots of fun and frivolity was had by all in attendance. Friendship, teasing, jokes, wonderful munchies, and even free wifi throughout our camp area--we all had a great time.

After a refreshing week in Quartzsite for the annual gathering of the RV America Quartzsite Trailer Trash gang, we passed around our hugs and wishes for a good year, and pledged to meet again next year--same time, same place.

The RVA gathering this year was a banner year, with 12 rigs in attendance (4 newbies and 8 old timers), with two other expected newbies and one old-timer who never quite made it to the gathering. We had representation from Washington, California, Arizona, Colorado, Texas, Louisiana, West Virginia, and Vermont.

The RVA Q TT gang got royally spoiled this year, since one of the newbies brought along his portable satellite internet dish, and provided all of us in the group with campsite-wide wifi--oh, how sweet it was.

(What really happened was that Richard (aka WAR) used so much gas last year traveling all over Quartzsite trying to find "free" wifi hot spots every evening for updating his blog, that he decided to bring along his own Internet this year. The only problem was that the free Internet belonged to a friend of his in Louisiana. But his loyal friend Mark dutifully followed Richard to Quartzsite, and set up camp right next to Richard. The Direcway dish was easy to spot when we first pulled into camp, but it took us awhile to discover that all the cables went into Richard's fancy new rig! Oh, how he groused about the wear and tear on his new inverter and generator, just so all the Q gang could have 24/7 wifi--but all the rest of us sure loved it!)

Since we had so many rigs this year, the 5 o'clock munchies often turned out to be enough sustenance for most of us to call it dinner. There was always a wide variety of goodies, but the hungry crowd usually decimated the food in short order. One night we even had a group weenie roast (no, the real thing over the campfire), and then, of course, that led to a bunch of smores being happily munched by most of the group. Richard affectionally labeled the evening get-together as "five o'clock brunch."

The weather this year was generally quite nice, with the usual wind on some evenings, but others were quite pleasant. We had a bit of rain one evening and during the night, but the day time hours were mostly dry.

Due to the large crowd, we were able to have two "wash tub" fire pits in use every evening, and we had plenty of wood that was brought by the attendees.

One of the newbies that came a bit late offered the Q gang a new experience--we had our own live karaoke sing-along, and most of the gang had fun trying to sing their favorite songs. You can see more pictures and read some commentary by reading Richard's blog (http://kingrl.blogspot.com).

All the RVA Q TT gang members agreed that we had a great time, and hopefully all of us will be gathered again next year during the Quartzsite RV show--with the added incentive that next year Q 2009 will also be a Puerto Penasco year. (Group consensus indicated that an every-other-year excursion to Puerto Penasco was the preferred interval.)

The influx of newbies this year was warmly received, and we hope that everyone will try to bring another newbie with them next year.

Until then, guys and gals, keep the wheels on the road and remember to give the other guy half of the road--just not a quarter on each side.

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