Miscellaneous Terms

Boondocking. The term “boondocking” (sometimes referred to as “dry camping”) is when you are camping without having any utility connections to your motorhome, such as electric, water, and sewer.

This type of camping is, with few exceptions, about the only way to experience Quartzsite, where you can camp on BLM land for two weeks (for a nominal fee) or go farther out into the desert like many RVers and camp for no charge for as long as you like.

Extended-Timer. The term “Extended Timer” refers to those people, such as my lady and me, who enjoy the RV lifestyle for extended periods of time (usually two, three and up to six months at a time), but prefer to return to a fixed home where their roots (and often family) are located.

Full-Timer. The term “full timer” refers to those RVers whose chosen life style is to live, full-time, in their RV. The RV is their only home, and they travel around our great country seeing some wonderful sights. (After you have traveled a bit in your RV and spent time in many different campgrounds, you will begin to realize just how many couples (and some families with children) enjoy this style of living.

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