Med-Evac Services

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Let me take a minute and talk about Med-Evac Services, since many of you may not be familiar with what they offer. There are several companies that provide these services—which are particularly valuable for RVers who are full-timers or who regularly travel long distances from their home base.

You can protect your wallet by buying a yearly subscription to these services, or join an RV-oriented organization that includes med-evac services as part of their membership.

Briefly, if you sustain a serious injury or medical emergency while you are away from home, med-evac services will fly you and your spouse back to your home (when you are stable enough to travel), and will arrange for a bonded RV driver to return your RV (and your pets) back to your home.

Such an arrangement can really relieve major anxiety (for both you and your spouse) if, for example, you have a heart attack while you are on the road. If you or your spouse are getting along in years or have potentially serious medical problems and you regularly travel long distances from home, having med-evac coverage can be a very smart investment.

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