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Now that our web site is "out there" for browsing by the many Internet surfers, Linda realized that the web site had taken on the air of a technical library of RV information—but there was no place for her to tell family and friends what we were doing and what we had seen during our frequent travels.

After browsing the blog of an RV friend, Linda started asking more and more questions about how to set up and update a blog of her own to express her thoughts and feelings as we travel.

About the third time the subject was broached, Mike "finally got the message," and decided that Linda was serious about starting a blog. Shortly thereafter (and with help from her younger son the computer guru), Linda had a place on the Internet for her blog.

Linda's Blog gives her an outlet to show some of her pictures, express her thoughts, and maybe even vent a frustration or two.

Linda hopes that you enjoy her observations and images of whatever captures her fancy at the moment.

Here is a link to Linda's Blog for your perusal.

We hope you enjoy riding along as we travel around our great country.

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