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There are a wide variety of information sources available to the RVer, both via the Internet and also printed media. For those of you with a computer, searching the Internet can return the biggest dividends. There is a wealth of sites that are oriented toward the RVer, both from a knowledge standpoint as well as wanting you to buy the latest whiz-bang gizmo.

For me, the best source of "reliable" information is one or more of the RV-related forums (also known as Bulletin Board Systems). These forums are set up so that you can post a question and then receive answers/opinions, and even sometimes fact, from one or more people. Since most of those responding are experienced RVers, you will get some sound advice—usually tempered with experience. The only problem for the "newbie" is deciding which answer is better—when the replies differ in opinion.

For those of you less inclined to search the Internet or get involved in an on-line forum, there are several periodic magazines geared to the RV crowd, whether it be motorhomes or trailers. If you visit your favorite camping supply store, you will also find many books on a wide range of RV-related subjects.

For those of you who are rather new to the RV world, you would be well advised to attend one of the national or regional conventions put on by the Family Motor Coach Association or the Escapees RV Club. The conventions offer a wide range of seminars covering many aspects of RVing, and you can also usually "kick the tires" of many different types of RVs.

To be brief (gee, what a concept), here is a short list of places for the "newbie" to explore—to learn more about the wonderful and fascinating world of being an RVer.

Bulletin Board Systems

There are many more RV BBS systems on the Internet that have some good information for RVers. The two systems listed above have proven, over time, to be the most useful and informative for us. You are urged to explore all of the RV-related web sites that you might discover as you browse the Internet.

Specialized Information.

This site offers a wealth of goodies to the RVer, but the best part of this site is the detailed wiring instructions that can be found for wiring up your toad and motorhome electrical connections, whether they be 4-wire, six-wire, or seven-wire.

RV-Related Organizations.

In our opinion, there are two organizations that have done a lot to encourage RVers to learn more about their rigs, as well as to get out and enjoy whatever style of RVing best meets each person's individual preference.

Both of these organizations have periodic regional and national get-togethers, and people from all over the United States and Canada flock to these events. The locations of these events are changed from year-to-year, so that folks can still attend a convention without driving all the way across the country. Jump on the Internet, check the convention schedules, and plan on attending a convention that, hopefully, is not too far a drive for you to consider.

As we have mentioned in other parts of this web site, the conventions put on by both of these organizations usually include many informative seminars, as well as having a plethora of vendors selling just about any imaginable RV-related item or service. These conventions are a good place to see all the "stuff" that is waiting to relieve you of the green in your wallet. The sometimes difficult part, for you, is to show restraint—and think about your purchases before you are overcome by some impulse buying of maybe not-the-best-goody for your RV.

If you have never been to one of these major RV get-togethers, you are urged to plan on attending at least one event—so that you can experience the sometimes vibrant feelings of being with people from all over the country and, literally, thousands of rigs and wonderful people. We have made some lasting friendships at these conventions.

RV Magazines.

There are two major RV-related magazines published for the RV crowd. You are urged to at least look through the magazine that matches the style of RV that you prefer. You will have to decide for yourself if the magazines contain the content that you desire. These are, by no means, the only magazines that are directed at the ever-growing population of RV enthusiasts. You are urged to explore the many different magazines that are published for your reading enjoyment.

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