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As every RVer soon learns, there are hundreds of goodies to attract their hard-earned dollars. Many of the goodies are not much more than a gimmick, but many items can be put to good use.

The gamut ranges from mud dauber screens for your furnace and hot water vents, to expensive tire pressure monitors, and then to major enhancements to your engine and/or chassis (some costing thousands of dollars).

The average RVer usually ends up with several of the smaller goodies, but relatively few succumb to the lure of the very expensive items.

Like most of the things associated with RVing, Goodies 'N Gadgets can be broken down into the three categories of Need It (gotta have it), Want It (nice to have), and Dream of It (well, maybe someday).

You may also find, as is usual for most of us, that as we gain more experience in being involved with RVs, some items seem to suddenly jump from the Want It category to the Need It category—almost as if by magic. The category jump that is most hazardous to your wallet, though, is the items that seem to jump, without any conscious effort, from the Dream of It category to the Need It/Gotta Have It category!

The Goodies 'N Gadgets shown in the sub-menus of this section are just a few of the possibilities for spending your money—and the list is by no means exhaustive or complete. And, as in just about all growing industries, the list will continue to expand as manufacturers come up with more and more goodies to entice you.

Just spend a good hour in your favorite camping supply store, and you will quickly realize the broad spectrum of Goodies 'N Gadgets available for you to throw in your shopping cart. However, most of us are not prepared for the biggest shock of all—when the cashier informs us of the monstrous amount of money required to purchase our cart-full of goodies.

Happy shopping—but don't forget to dream a little bit, too.

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