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Soaring fuel prices all over the country have many RVers cutting back on their travels. Then, there are others who choose to enjoy the RV lifestyle regardless of the price of fuel.

For many Full-Timers, fuel prices are less of a concern, since most of them tend to travel to an RV park, stay there for two or more weeks, and then move on down the road.

For Extended-Timers, however, the price of fuel can have a larger impact on their travel budget, since many of them tend to stay for shorter periods and travel longer distances.

For many RVers, regardless of their on-the-road style, the price of fuel is almost, but not quite, a small part of their travel budget.

For all these groups of RVers, however, the price of fuel does play a part in their trip planning and budgeting.

Remember, that slowing down to 55, instead of 65, can save you several miles per gallon, whether your motive power is diesel or gasoline. Slow down, and enjoy the scenery along the way.

Here, for your edification, are three web sites that can give you an idea of fuel prices in your neck of the woods.

Flying J. Flying J, as just about all RVers know, has Fuel Centers (also known as Truck Stops) all across the country on most Interstate highways.

The Flying J web site shows you the current price at each of their Fuel Centers for Regular gas, Diesel fuel, and also for propane.

Gas Buddy. At first glance, Gas Buddy appears to be listing gas prices only for the major metropolitan areas. However, just type in the Zip Code of the area that you are in, and you will get detailed prices for gasoline, along with an address and the option to display a map to the particular station.

Gas Buddy defaults to displaying the prices for Regular gasoline, but all you need to do is click on Diesel Fuel to get the current pricing for Diesel fuel in your area.

AAA. The AAA web site is a bit awkward to use, since they insist on you entering your Zip Code twice—once to enter the site, and again to determine the area for which you are seeking fuel prices.

At first, it may look like you are being shown only the high, average, and low prices of Regular gas, but just scroll down the page to find stations with gasoline and diesel (and the current prices). You can also select whether to show stations within 3 miles, 5 miles, or 10 miles of the location you entered. If you are unfamiliar with the local area, you have the option of displaying a map to each gas station.

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