Foldable Satellite Dish

pic of sat dish arm mods

pic of sat dish folded

Thanks to Lee Pascoe, RV America

Having a portable satellite dish in your RV is a convenience that most RVers relish, but finding a place to stow it is often a real problem. The arm that keeps the LNB aimed at the center of the dish sticks out and takes up lots of space.

As many folks have already done (me, too), do a little surgery on your satellite dish. Drill out the four welds or rivets that attach the LNB arm to the base of the dish mount. Buy a couple of long 8-32 machine screws and the type of nuts that have a plastic lining inside them (they won't vibrate loose).

Put one machine screw through either the top set of holes or the bottom set of holes (it really doesn't make much difference). Put the nut on the bolt and tighten it up so that it is snug, but not so tight that the LNB arm can't move.

Next, be sure that the other long screw will fit through the other set of holes in the LNB arm—so that the LNB arm is held in its original position. It us suggested that you put a wing nut on this screw, since this is the one you will be taking on and off so that the LNB arm can either fold inward toward the center of the dish, or outward to hang down by the tripod or other support legs.

Now, your portable satellite dish will take up much less space in your already-crowded storage bays.

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