Fire Extinguishers

pic of burning RV

pic of burnt out RV

Have The Proper Fire Extinguishers!

Nothing is more sad than to drive down the road and see an RV quickly going up in flames, while the owners stand by helplessly.

Don't be fooled into a false sense of complacency, because your RV came with a fire extinguisher! The small extinguisher that comes standard with most RVs is much too small to put out an engine compartment fire, and it is not very useful on kitchen grease fires. Please, take the time to purchase the right fire extinguishers for your RV.

I strongly urge you to purchase two five-pound fire extinguishers (nothing smaller) that are rated for Class ABC—especially if you have a gas powered rig. The greatest fire risk in an RV is from a leaky gasoline line in the engine compartment. One extinguisher is usually not enough to put out the fire, but having two good extinguishers on hand gives you a good chance of putting out a small fire before it destroys your RV. Donít forget this important item!

And, please, donít stow the extinguishers in a basement compartment out of easy reach. Keep both fire extinguishers right behind the driverís seat or someplace where they can be grabbed and used in a hurry.

It is also a good idea to have a small extinguisher in the kitchen where the cook can get to it readily in case of a grease fire. Be sure to get an extinguisher that is especially formulated for quenching grease fires.

If you happen to attend an FMCA or Escapees rally, be on the look-out for a vendor that specializes in fire extinguishers, and can show you the difference that the right and wrong kind of fire extinguishers can/cannot do on common kitchen grease fires. What better way to really learn what to do— putting out a fire yourself, with hands-on experience and guidance from a pro.

How to "Do It" Correctly

fire extinguisher poster

Take another look at the graphic above--it tells you, in a nutshell, the proper way to use a fire extinguisher. The proper four-step technique can be described with the word "PASS."

Hopefully, you will never have an occasion to need a fire extinguisher, but, if you do, you will know the proper procedure to effectively use one.

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