pic of old vacuum tube pic of early circuit board pic of printed circuit board

Every day, it seems, electronic gismos get smaller, faster, cheaper, and the number of them multiplies almost as fast as a brood of rabbits.

Almost everyone has become accustomed to television (both normal and High Definition); many folks have digital satellite TV reception (both at home and in their RV); millions of folks have a cell phone seemingly growing out of their ear (even when they are precariously weaving down the road trying to dial a number with one hand); a large part of the population now has a computer at home, and it seems as though most RVers also have a laptop in their RV. Electronics is now everywhere— including your car, your washing machine, and even in small appliances.

There are three pieces of electronic gear that seem to be prevalent with the RV crowd:

Each of these wonderful, complicated, but hard-to-live-without electronic devices is discussed in separate sections.

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