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picture of early Ford grill

Both Linda and Mike enjoy older cars, especially the classics. However, being members of the Central Valley Rods (where we are the only ones without a hopped-up hot rod), we have gained an appreciation for the tremendous creativity that seems to make just about every hot rod different and unique to the owner. The time, effort, and expense that goes into creating a hot rod is an immense undertaking—but with an exhilarating feeling of accomplishment.

Since our 1955 Oldsmosbile is a "survivor" that has not been restored or hot rodded, we plan on pretty much keeping our car as it is, although we will eventually pop for a new paint job to restore its outer glory.

As we have traveled around the country, attended the annual Kool April Nights car show in Redding, CA, and attended many local car shows with our car club, we have gathered an array of pictures that (at least Mike thinks) might be of interest to other car enthusiasts.

So, without any further words (yeah, I know, diarrhrea of the keyboard seems to be rampant on this web site), we hope you enjoy our collection of old car pictures.

picture of Model T

picture of shortened VW bus

picture of an awesome Model A

picture of a neat trailer

picture of Model A heater

picture of old ice bus

picture of old car grill

picture of unique Chrysler

picture of Tucker front end

picture of old MBZ grill

picture of old woody

picture of old Ford pickup

picture of green pickup

picture of old Chevy pickup

picture of old Hudson pickup

picture of old Ford woody

picture of customized Mercury

picture of customized engine compartment

picture of old Hudson

picture of Packard wagon

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