Bug/Bee Screens

As most experienced RVers know, Mud-Dauber Wasps and even spiders can be a real headache if they begin to take up residence in some of the dark nooks and crannies of your RV. Mud-daubers and spiders especially like to crawl inside the air tubes that supply combustion air to your LP appliances, such as your stove, your water heater, and your furnace.

Many RV folks take the time and endure the expense to put bug/bee screens over their furnace and water heater intake/exhaust vents.

These screens are made to fit over the intake and exhaust vents of most LP furnaces and water heaters. They are held on by small spring-loaded hooks that are attached to the bug screen on one end and the other end loops around part of the intake/exhaust vent.

The only tool needed to easily install the screens is a pair of needle-nose pliers (something every RVer should have in his/her on-board tool kit.

For some reason, bees are attracted to the odor of propane, and you often find several dead bees inside your outer refrigerator compartment or inside your propane furnace.

Not much can be done about spiders getting into the air tubes of your cook top. However, if you notice that the burner flames are more yellow than the normal blue color, you probably have an air tube constricted with spider webs.

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