RV Affiliations

When you buy an RV, either new or used, and set out to enjoy the RV lifestyle— whether it be for weekends, for vacations, for several months' extended travel, or as full time RV travelers—you make choices about the RV-related organizations that you join and support with your hard-earned dollars.

As in all aspects of being an RVer, you need to decide which organizations provide you with the services that best suit your style of RVing.  The choices are many, and the decisions are yours to make.

The organizations that best suit our RV lifestyle as Extended Timers (traveling for two or three months at a time before returning home) are shown below, and come from our use of the services provided and our personal satisfaction thereof.

Family Motor Coach Association

Magazine, Med-Evac, and Other Services

Winnebago/Itasca Travelers

Winnebago/Itasca Owner's Club

Good Sam Club

Discount Camping, and other stuff

Progressive Insurance

Motorhome Insurance

Coast to Coast Resorts

Membership Camping (throughout US)

Passport America

Half-Price Camping (throughout US)

Thousand Trails/NACO

Membership Camping (throughout US)

Resorts of Distinction

Membership Camping (throughout US)

Colorado River Adventures

Membership Camping (in AZ & Mexico)

Life on Wheels

RV "Classroom" Education—great for "newbies"

RV America Bulletin Board

Bulletin Board (Ask Questions, Get Answers)

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