Nevada, Utah, Colorado, 2002

graphic of a motorhome

Originally, we started out on what we thought was going to be an exciting three-month trip across the United States, with visits with many of our RV friends along the way.

Unfortunatley for us, we were rear-ended before we even reached our first-night's camping spot in Fernly, NV—and our hopes for a wonderful trip were crushed (just about as badly as our toad and the rear of our motorhome).

After getting back home and feeling sorry for ourselves for six weeks or so, we again contracted an almost incurable case of "itchy wheels," so we stocked up Linda's motorhome, hooked up her Jeep— and we were off on a substitute adventure through several of the western states.

Yup, same old story—more wonderful adventures coming your way ... sometime in the future.

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