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Traveling the back roads in search of peace, tranquility, and interesting places.

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Glad you are visiting us

Linda and Mike welcome you to our web site, Backroad Travelers.

Although we have been RVers for many years, we are relative newbies ourselves in setting up an internet presence. Separately, we have been involved with RVs for many years, and, together, we have been cruising the backroads of our country for the past 12 years as Extended Timers (traveling on the road for two or three months at a time, but then returning to our home base in northern California).

Over the years we have gained a fair amount of RV-related knowledge, and, through this web site, over a period of time, we hope to be able to share with you what we have learned.

Dual Purpose Web Site

This web site is intended to be dual-purpose—to show our family and friends where we are and where we have been, and also to impart some of our RV-related knowledge to others, especially newcomers to the RV community (fondly referred to as "newbies").

We hope you will come back often to see the progress that we make on our web site, as well as where our travels have taken us.

RV-101 Improvements

Now that the RV-101 section has most of its text, it is still devoid of many pictures that will make many areas easier to understand for the "newbie." Over time, we hope to rectify this situation, and, hopefully, make RV-101 a good source of information.

As you browse through this web site, please feel free to drop us a note with comments, and, especially, suggestions for important subjects that we haven't included. We are not "hung up" with any pride of authorship, and we welcome others helping us to make this site as useful as possible.

Picture Gallery

Since we wanted to get this new version of our web site up and "on the air," we have not yet taken the time to format many of our pictures for presentation. As we have time, we will slowly be adding some of our favorite pictures to the Picture Gallery. Check back once in awhile and see what pictures we have added.

Continuing Evolution

Well, folks, the "new" Backroad Travelers web site is "together" enough that we can put it "out there in Etherland" for the perusal of those who find us. By no means is our web site complete—the travelogues and the picture galleries are obviously missing, barren, or incomplete. However, the parts of most interest to the RVers are now complete enough (although not finished) that we feel comfortable enough in making Backroad Travelers available to share.

Future plans are to add more pictures and content about our Oldsmobile, as well as the modifications/additions that we have made to our Suncruiser.

Over time, we also hope to be adding to the RV information sections, as we think of more things to add. But don't hold your breath waiting for the next set of changes—it might be weeks or even months down the road.

We envision this site as continually undergoing changes to make it better. However, we find that the only time we really have to devote to Backroad Travelers is when we are on the road. When we are at home, there are just too many diversions that siphon off our time. Therefore, don't expect daily or weekly changes—unless we are on the road.

Have a Great Day

We encourage you to "click away" and explore Backroad Travelers. Just as traveling in an RV is an adventure, and always a learning experience, we hope you enjoy the same spirit of discovery as you browse around Backroad Travelers.

Thanks for stopping by to visit us. As one of our RV friends says, even with his web site, "See Ya Down The Road."

Mike and Linda

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